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Golden Milk Solstice Trio Gift Set - (Super Small Batch!)

Golden milk, also known as "haldi doodh" is an ancient medicinal beverage used in the Ayurvedic tradition for thousands of years. The key ingredient in golden milk is turmeric, widely hailed for its healing, anti-inflammatory properties. The warming and restorative herbs in turmeric milk support the relaxation of the body and grounding of the mind. 


We've crafted a small batch of three distinct flavors to suit different bodies and needs for this winter season. Each pouch contains 18 servings. 

Turmeric Latte Golden Milk: This original blend is our take on a classic ayurvedic golden milk. Warming spices soothe the body and excite the palate. Think pumpkin spice latte with all the flavor, none of the guilt, and one very happy body. Rewild Golden Milk blends provide a boost of flavor and health that can be added to anything from your morning coffee to a winter stew. 

Turmeric‡, Ginger‡, Cinnamon‡ Nutmeg‡,
Cardamom‡, Salt, Black Pepper‡

‡ USDA Certified Organic

Golden Turmeric Sun Milk: Did somebody say chocolate?  The tones of raw cacao blend perfectly with the rich spices of our original blend to bring forth waves of chocolatey velvet to excite your palate. Taste buds and heart dance in joy as this happy, healthy drink soothes the body from the inside out. Golden Turmeric Sun Milk nourishes our inner child in the same way hot cocoa warms the belly on a cold winter day. 

Turmeric‡, Cacao‡, Ginger‡, Cinnamon‡,
Clove‡, Nutmeg‡, Cardamom‡, Salt, Black Pepper‡

‡ USDA Certified Organic

Golden Turmeric Moon Milk: Drift sweetly to sleep after an evening cup of this soft, floral, full-flavored blend. Fenugreek brings a touch of sweet spice. Blue lotus, passionflower and rose work symbiotically to bring you back to your body as you prepare to rest. Together they assist to relieve tension, calm the nervous system, and induce the internal serenity for quality sleep. As we relax deeply, these plants may also awaken subtle sensual desire.

Turmeric‡, Ginger‡, Rose‡, Passion flower extract,
Cinnamon‡, Fenugreek‡, Clove‡, Nutmeg‡, Cardamom‡,
Blue lotus extract, Salt, Black pepper‡

‡ USDA Certified Organic

We have kept our blends unsweetened without sugar or creamer so that you can make it to your hearts delight at home. Mix 2 tsp. of your blend of choice into a mug of coconut, oat or cow’s milk, stirring in maple syrup or honey to taste. To preserve potency and freshness, keep the pouches dry, sealed, and out of direct sunlight.

Rewild turmeric is grown on reforested mountain slopes in the Puriscal region of Costa Rica, amidst pigeon peas, hibiscus, cacao, and soon-to-be rainforest giants. Our turmeric isn’t just a tasty organic crop - it’s regeneratively cultivated as a member of the living, breathing community that is the rainforest! Our traditional soil-building practices impart an exceptional depth of flavor and potency to a hand-selected heirloom variety. We harvest our rhizomes at the perfect time and process them locally to preserve every bit of golden goodness.

Every sale helps us on our regenerative mission to build rich soil, restore forests, protect water, create habitat for jungle creatures, and bolster economic sovereignty within our local community. By enjoying Rewild products, you’re helping too. Thanks! <3